Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moss Ball/Burlap Tassel

I am still not finished with using moss.  I thought of this the other day.  A moss ball with burlap fringe tassel.

 I used:
  •  a small styrofoam ball
  •  moss
  • burlap cut into strips
  • twine
  • embellishments or leave plain
  • glue gun
  • bottle cap

 I like it when something that you think about to craft doesn't turn out to be a "craft fail"....LOL... I am thinking about making these and selling them. What do ya'll think? Please let me know.
 Have a great day.

 Marisa Pin It Now!


  1. Love it! They are adorable, definitely sell them. :)

  2. Beautiful…I think you could definitely sell them!! Who could not resist burlap and moss!

  3. I love moss and I love your ideas using it!

  4. How cute! Love the rustic combination of the moss and the burlap.