Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Tour- Living Room

Living Room

Hey everybody. I hope you all had a great weekend. I still have some things to do in the living room but here it is. There is not a foyer, so you are in the living room when you walk in the front door. If you look into the sunroom you can see a sad little beagle/basset, by the name of Barney wanting in.
This is on the left side of the door as you walk in. The table is actually a dining room table but since I don't have a formal dining room I am just going to use it to display things. I am even thinking about having the glass cut down just to fit the top and not use at all as a dining room table. That piece of glass is sooooo heavy. That's just a mirror on top of it for now.(waiting on my love to hang it for me) What do you think I should do with the glass?
This is on the right side as you walk in the front door. I know...empty. I know what I want to put there, I just have not found it yet and my love still has to hang those too.
Oops... I need to fix those television cables.LOL
The sofa and recliner are new too. We bought those from Ashley Furniture.
I love this built-in bookcase and I displayed my collection of Tassel dolls and Angels.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Tour-Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

  I did my bedroom in gold and brown with accents of paprika. I have requested a camera from Santa Claus, so sorry about the picture quality.
I love these 2 pictures that are hanging above the bed. These were my moms and I have liked them ever since I was a little girl. She passed away 14 years ago and I display them proudly for her.(love you mom)
One last...oh look my pretty little model again. This is Baby and she is 7 years old.
Hopey you likey. It is still a little bare to me and I'm searching for that perfect rug and window treatments.

 Love and pretty pieces .

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home Tour - Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

On with the tour.
I made this flower arrangement for my counter.

This is my side of the counter and I also made the little flower arrangement on the shelf.

On my husband's side of the counter is a plant ledge, so I put a clock and vase and added some greenery.

I made this arrangement to put on top of the... well ya'll know what that

I also made this little arrangement for this shelf and I am still looking for a pretty towel set to hang here.

I spray painted the top of this bottle to match my decor. It was silver and I spray painted it brown and added the ribbon with the bling to it. The jar had a white top and I spray painted it the same brown.
This is the other side of the tub and I am going to add greenery to those too.
I hung this decorative metal piece and attached the same flowers that I made my flower arrangement from over the tub.
and last but not least....The Shower.....aaahhh!!
To be continued...

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home Tour- Kitchen

Moving right along to the kitchen.

This door is off from "The Laundry Hall"...LOL and coming in from the garage.

I love all of the cabinets and counter space.

Glass cabinet doors on each side of the kitchen.
This is on top of my refrigerator.

Here is the breakfast room and I have a new table that I purchased from Ashley Furniture Store.

I made this flower arrangement for my table.

The Baker's Rack with my handsome guys pictures on it.

Breakfast room looking into the family room.
This is in the Breakfast room too.
Love my little Nutcracker.
Stay tuned for the next room.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Tour

French Inspired Office Nook

I believe that I have finished decorating our new pad.  I still have some tweaks here and there to make and I want to paint some of the pieces that I have but I can't wait to show all of you.  I love this house and its  unusual features.  When you come in from the garage there is a long hall with the washer and dryer(I just refer to it as The Laundry Hall).  It has tons of cabinets and a desk right beside the door to the garage.  I couldn't wait to decorate that little thing.  So here it is.

You have a minute to

I bought these two book boxes from TJ Max.

You have a minute to

 I bought the chair and memo board from SteinMart(love that store).

Here is a close-up picture of the memo board.

You have a minute to
I found this pretty black and white floral drawer liner from Big Lots(which reminds me... I need more).
Here is my laundry hall with my little beautiful model. The two doors that you see on the left go to my room. One is the master closet and the other is the master bathroom. The one at the end of the hall is the utility closet. One last look.

I hope all of you liked it and there will be more to come.
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