Monday, October 29, 2012

More Halloween Around the House

My entryway table with a spider, a crow and a puppy; Oh my!
The lantern all dressed up with Mr. Pumpkin candle inside.
This puppy flower arrangement would look cute as a centerpiece for your table or just to incorporate it into  your decor.
She has a witch hat and cauldron and she is ready for Halloween.
I've also started this haunted halloween village. My mother-in-law gave me the big house...oh Lord, when Jeff and I first got married and I made the tree last year. It was from Dollar Tree and I painted it black and added some ornaments and tied tulle to the branches. The small houses, trees and bridge are from...... you guessed it.. Dollar Tree and I spray painted those pieces.
I made another cloche. Ya'll know how much I like making these with Dollar Tree garbage cans. I put a witch on top and added tulle and ribbon.
The feather tree and candy dish came from Hobby Lobby and...this is Malley, if he doesn't watch out he's going to end up with a witches hat too.LOL
This is another candy jar that I made. The jar came from Old Time Pottery and I painted the candlestick orange and that came from Dollar Tree.
This is "Big Kitty". I bought her at a craft show years ago and the eyes have green lights in them. I made the ghost tassel hanging on the door. witch tassel. 
Ladies, we have to have some glam and this is my Pink-O-Ween. I made the wreath last year and the skull and spider climbing up the table came from Target. I still want to make some more Pink-O-Ween pieces.
Have a great day!

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  1. So cute! I love the puppy flower arrangement and I have to find that pink spider for my house! Too bad the nearest Target is an hour away :( So adorable!