Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home Tour - Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

On with the tour.
I made this flower arrangement for my counter.

This is my side of the counter and I also made the little flower arrangement on the shelf.

On my husband's side of the counter is a plant ledge, so I put a clock and vase and added some greenery.

I made this arrangement to put on top of the... well ya'll know what that

I also made this little arrangement for this shelf and I am still looking for a pretty towel set to hang here.

I spray painted the top of this bottle to match my decor. It was silver and I spray painted it brown and added the ribbon with the bling to it. The jar had a white top and I spray painted it the same brown.
This is the other side of the tub and I am going to add greenery to those too.
I hung this decorative metal piece and attached the same flowers that I made my flower arrangement from over the tub.
and last but not least....The Shower.....aaahhh!!
To be continued...

Love and pretty pieces

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  1. Ahhh! It is looking so beautiful! I just love your decorating style :)