Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Tour- Living Room

Living Room

Hey everybody. I hope you all had a great weekend. I still have some things to do in the living room but here it is. There is not a foyer, so you are in the living room when you walk in the front door. If you look into the sunroom you can see a sad little beagle/basset, by the name of Barney wanting in.
This is on the left side of the door as you walk in. The table is actually a dining room table but since I don't have a formal dining room I am just going to use it to display things. I am even thinking about having the glass cut down just to fit the top and not use at all as a dining room table. That piece of glass is sooooo heavy. That's just a mirror on top of it for now.(waiting on my love to hang it for me) What do you think I should do with the glass?
This is on the right side as you walk in the front door. I know...empty. I know what I want to put there, I just have not found it yet and my love still has to hang those too.
Oops... I need to fix those television cables.LOL
The sofa and recliner are new too. We bought those from Ashley Furniture.
I love this built-in bookcase and I displayed my collection of Tassel dolls and Angels.
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  1. I love it! Everything looks so well put together. The built in shelving is such a bonus. Great job lady, I hope your summer is going well :)

  2. Thanks... girl, I appreciate ya.